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We’ve found water damage in approximately 55% of the showers we remodel. Water damage is a scary subject for most homeowners and they usually imagine the worst. Most of the time it's relatively cheap to fix if you get on top of it ahead of time.

Signs That You Need Drain repair Services

Slow Drains : Just before drains become clogged, they usually start to drain slower. You may notice that the water pools around your feet when you’re in the shower, or that the kitchen sink takes longer to drain after you wash the dishes. Slow drains are usually a sign of hair, grease, soap, (even a tooth brush) and other debris building up in your pipes and are a good indicator that you could benefit from drain cleaning.

Water Back-flow : Drains are supposed to be one-way ticket out. If water begins to bubble up through your drain, then a clog somewhere in the line is preventing it from finishing the out-bound trip. Small obstructions may only cause a small amount of water backups, while large, complete blockages can cause significant water back-flows.

The most obvious example of this is an overflowing toilet, which is caused when the drain leading from the toilet become blocked, forcing contaminated water back out into the bowl. However, water back-flows can happen in any drain and can cause serious amounts of water damage in your home.

What’s that smell? : Drains that need to be cleaned frequently give off an unpleasant odor. The smell can come from the grease, rotting food, and other contaminants in the drain, or small animals like rodents that get caught in the drain system can even cause it. Your p-trap could be malfunctioning by letting in sewer gases.

Water damage : We have found water damage in approximately 55% of the showers we remodel. Water damage is a scary subject for most homeowners and they usually imagine the worst. Most of the time it's relatively cheap to fix if you get on top of it ahead of time.


Prepare Home Remodeling Ideas $600 - $1350
Specify Materials $250 - $350
Paint Rooms $2.50 - $3.50 Per Square Feet
Install Interior Door $150 - $350 Per Door
Install Light Switch $100


Founded by Darrell G. Taylor back in 1996, KCR has established itself as one of the considerably and reputable providers of construction focused interior remodeling services.

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    If you hear something for long enough, you start to believe it. But in my experience, some widely accepted beliefs are based more on fiction than fact. At the risk of trampling on a few sacred cows, I’ve collected ten popular myths about sales and selling that just haven’t held true for my business. In each case, I’ve taken the road less traveled, and it hasn’t hurt me one bit. If your current sales techniques buck conventional wisdom, it may help you to know you’re not alone.

  • What is the timeline for the project?

    Is one of my favorite question.I can tell you precisely, when I look the the build schedule. With all the multiple things I have going on, I can tell you when you should expect completion. These are all my project management skills coming through. So again, when will the project be complete? That’s dependent on how full the build schedule is at that moment.

  • What is the total budget for construction?

    Okay, maybe I like the question even more then the previous. This is were your Scope Cost Analysis (SCA) comes in, and we give you a detailed breakdown cost of your project. Something in the range of 20+ pages of scope details. You see the entire project cost flow into “How did we get here” question.

    People often don’t know what they want, have trouble putting what they want into words, or simply want everything they see (after all, everyone was once 3 years old in an ice cream shop.(To make matters worse, different people want different things) Identifying project objectives and getting everyone to agree on them is HARD work. Regrettably,if you try and skip this step, you the stakeholder will be quick to tell you if they get something they don’t want.

    Estimating is part science, part sorcery, so it takes time to master. I’m trying to forecast the future as accurately as possible. To make my estimates more precise I can choose an appropriate estimating method, obtain estimates from experienced professionals, ask for a range instead of a single number, and avoid the estimate padding game. To improve future estimates I tell project bidders how their estimate compared to the actual project numbers.

  • How a Remodeling Project is Initiated?

    Okay, I like all three questions, but who’s counting?
    (i) First step, I need to get an idea about the scope of your project.
    (ii) I give you a VERY ball park estimate and get a feel for what your trying to accomplish, and how I can give you the widest range of information, so you can make the best informed decision possible leading to next steps.
    (iii) You hire me to work on your design and I get back with you in about 5 days.
    (iv) After your approval of the design, I move to finish the SCA.
    (v) I develop a Scope Cost analysis based on the design.
    (vi) We meet again to go over the scope cost analysis and workout any design issues and hopefully sign a contract. Or, we talk more about your design and were the costs are coming from to design around those.
    (vii) After the contract is signed, your put into the build schedule, and the project start and completion dates are given. Then we start this adventure called remodeling.